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Are you flexible and can take off when other people are at work? Then you should go for this mid-week ski touring package.
Treat yourself with some days of ski touring in the Romsdal valley with accommodation and full board at Hotel Aak. We will do everything to make the best of your winter adventure!

All of our employees loves to ski, specially in the Romsdal alps. They know what you need to relax and enjoy some nice ski touring holiday at Hotel Aak.

Skiers deal - A package that includes everything you need to enjoy three days of ski touring in Romsdalen valley, plus some more:
Do you need a ski guide?
We have own in-house ski guides that will show you to the best snow in the valley.

Rent skis? We have ski touring equipment for rental.
- Dynafit set up with skis, skins, boots and poles. NOK 600,- pr day.
- Avalanche safety gear: transceiver, probe and shovel. NOK 300,- pr day.
Contact us directly for rentals: booking@hotelaak.no
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Hotel Aak ligger i Åndalsnes, midt i mellom Ålesund, Molde og Dombås. Ta toget fra Oslo eller Trondheim til Hotel Aak, eller buss fra Ålesund og Molde. Du får ikke mer behagelig reise enn dette! Transport fra/til Åndalsnes Stasjon og skiturer er ikke inkludert i denne pakken. 


Anbefalte togtider til Åndalsnes:
Avreise        Oslo S kl 14.02 / Trondheim S kl 15.29

Ankomst      Åndalsnes kl 19.32

Avreise        Oslo S kl 16.02 
Ankomst      Åndalsnes kl 21.34

Anbefalte togtider fra Åndalsnes:
Retur           Åndalsnes kl 16.30
Ankomst      Oslo S kl 22.04 / Trondheim S kl 20.45


Unn deg en toppturhelg midt i uka med full avslapping, god mat og drikke. Hos Hotel Aak ligger alt til rette for å oppfylle ditt vintereventyr!