Alpine hike in Romsdalen

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At the end of the 19th century, British tourists and climbers started climbing and exploring the peaks of Romsdalen. While out adventuring, these mountaineering-pioneers often stayed at Hotel Aak. Mountaineering still plays a central role in Romsdalen – in fact, Åndalsnes is named the mountaineering capital of Norway.

Now it is time for your adventure – your time to climb the peaks of Romsdalen! Turning our attention to alpine mountains, we will explore fierce summits and airy ridges. This hike will give you a chance to challenge yourself – both physically and mentally – while surrounded by spectacular mountains as far as the eye can see. The contrasts between the sea, fjords, steep mountains and green valleys will take your breath away.

Even if you do not have much experience with alpine peaks and elevation, your guide will safely guide you throughout the entire hike. Note, however, that you should be in good physical shape. Your boundaries may be tested – a fun and exhilarating feeling. We promise to take good care of you while exploring some of the most magnificent peaks Romsdalen.

Area: Romsdalen                                   Type: Alpine hike
Level: Very advanced.                            Length: 10-20  km
Climb: 1000-1500 vertical m.                 Duration: 6-9 hrs.
Meeting point: Hotel Aak                        Meeting time: 08.00
You should be in good physical shape and have experience with hiking in rough terrain.

About the hike

This is a challenging and alpine hike, but without the use of climbing equipment. Most of this hike is alpine, with elevations between 1000 and 1800 m a.s.l. In Romsdalen, we have a wide selection of hikes in different areas: different valleys situated more south, east, north, west. The weather often varies from valley to valley. Local weather variations are considered when deciding upon a hike – this way we will have the best possible weather conditions the day of your hike.  Prepare for a long day in the mountains and bring plenty of food and snacks.

Important: All participation is at your own risk. Participators must sign a liability waiver. Our first priority is safety. In cases of harsh weather, hikes may be cancelled or subject to change.

What to bring

This is an alpine hike, and most of it takes place over 1000 m above sea level. The temperatures are often colder here then down in the valley, and it is important to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. We recommend that you pack proper hiking clothes (for Norwegian weather) for your vacation if you are planning to hike with us.

  • Daypack (backpack suitable for day-hike)
  • Proper hiking boots for rough terrain
  • Warm and suitable clothes for the day’s weather forecast
  • Wind- and waterproof clothes
  • Change of clothes, extra baselayer
  • Hat, gloves and neck-warmer 
  • Water bottle(s) with 1.5 - 2 L volume
  • Snacks
  • Hiking poles (possible to rent at Hotel Aak)

Included in the package:

  • Guide
  • Transport from Hotel Aak and back
  • Home-baked snack

Not included:

  • Hiking poles (possible to rent at Hotel Aak)
  • Travel insurance

Are you missing any gear? Let us know and we will figure something out!

Inquire Booking
Meeting point in the reception at Hotel Aak. You will meet the guide and the rest of the group here and we will organize transfer to the hike.


Alpine terrain, steep climb

Amazing views to the high and pointy peaks of Romsdalen

Sense of achievement
Visit the hidden gems, where only the locals travel