Isfjordeggen ridge traverse

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Isfjordeggen ridge traverse is the less known neighbour of the popular Romsdalseggen ridge. This hike is a traverse that connects Loftskartind, Galtåtind and Snortungen mountains together.
All three peaks are around 1200 masl, but once you have reached the first one, most of the ascending is done. This area has much more traffic in winter time, so there is a good chance we will not meet any other people on this hike in the summer.

Area: Isfjorden                                 Type: Alpine hike
Level: Advanced                              Length: 14,3 km
Climb: 1370 hm                               Duration: 6-9 hours
Meeting point: Hotel Aak                 Meeting time: 09.00 AM

You should be in good physical shape and have experience with hiking in rough terrain.


The hike starts in Isfjorden around 150 masl. We’ll find the path to Loftskaret with red marks. This first part is a nice forest of pine trees and birch, with a nice track that takes us up to the idyllic cottages at Loftskarsetra. From here we will continue following the red marks up to Loftskaret. This is where the steepest climb starts. We will do 500 metres of steep ascending before we reach the top of Loftskartind. 

Just before Loftskartind, we will pass by a little cute stone cabin. This is a nice place for lunch before we head on to the most exposed part of the hike, which is the ridge between Loftskartind and Galtåtind. We have already taken most of the ascending metres of the day and can enjoy the great views as we continue along the ridge.

From the top of Galtåtind we will hike down to the saddle and then do a short climb to Snortungen, the highest point of the day. The big descend starts from Snortungen, 1198 masl. We’ll pass over several small peaks, gradually descending towards Brevikskaret. From Brevikskaret there is a nice, but steep, path we’ll follow towards the fjord.

Why choose Isfjordeggen ridge traverse?
This hike is a good alternative to the Romsdalseggen ridge hike. For those who want a long day in the mountains and want to discover new areas outside our main attractions (Romsdalseggen and Trollstigen). The hike is a round trip and away from the crowds. You should keep in mind that it is a longer hike both in kilometres and ascent/descent than the Romsdalseggen hike. The extra value on this hike, are some really nice places for a dip in the river by Loftskaret and Brevikskaret!
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You’ll meet your guide and the rest of your group in the reception at Hotel Aak in the morning. If you need to book a shuttle to the hike, you need to contact our reception the day before and we will try to help out. 

Because of Covid-19 restrictions we want our guests to take their own cars to the starting point of the hike. We will help you to fix the transfer if you don’t have your own car. We recommend renting a car in Åndalsnes.


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